This is the official website of Ian Weir, a playwright, screenwriter and novelist living near Vancouver, BC.

The Death and Life of Strother Purcell

Strother Purcell
To whosoever might be reading this – it’s true. All of it. Every damned word, more or less, except for the bits that maybe aren’t. But the rest you can take to the godalmighty bank...

“A literary exegesis on truth disguised as a rollicking, tragic Western entertainment.”
    --Hart Hanson

“Ian Weir takes every trope in the Western’s playbook…and makes of them something new and utterly wonderful.”
    --CC Humphreys


Will Starling

Will Starling
The Reckoning of Wm. Starling, Esq., a Foundling, concerning Monstrous Crimes and Infernal Aspirations, with Perpetrators named and Shrouded Infamies disclosed to Light of Day, as set down by his own hand in this year 1816.

Longlisted for the 2016 International Dublin Literary Award

Shortlisted for the 2015 Sunburst Award.

A "Globe 100" Best Book of 2014.

“A splendid literary achievement, and a genuine pleasure.”
    – The Globe and Mail


Daniel O'Thunder

Daniel O'Thunder
He was a complicated man of deep and abiding contradictions, and yet he was at one and the same time a simple man with a very simple goal. He wanted to call the Devil forth, and face him and fight him, and—finally and forever—defeat him.

Finalist for four awards, including the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Best First Book, and chosen by The Library Journal as one of the best historical novels of 2011.

“‘Dickensian’ is an adjective too often misused in describing books set in Victorian England. It is, however, the perfect word for this superb novel....Marvellous from the first paragraph.”
    --The Globe and Mail