Writer - TV - Episodic (Selected)

Arctic Air, one-hour drama (CBC), 8 episodes

Flashpoint, one-hour drama (CTV, CBS), 4 episodes

Edgemont, half-hour teen drama (CBC), 26 episodes

Nothing Too Good For a Cowboy, one-hour drama (CBC), 5 episodes

Cold Squad, one-hour drama (CTV), 4 episodes

Flash Forward, half-hour teen comedy/drama (Disney/Family), 3 episodes

Odyssey, half-hour teen fantasy/drama (CBC), 2 episodes

Northwood, half-hour teen drama (CBC), 18 episodes

Fifteen, half-hour teen drama (Nickelodeon), 43 episodes

Beachcombers, half-hour family drama (CBC), 5 episodes

Animation (Selected)

Dragons II: The Metal Ages, animated feature.  Bardel/MegaBloks.

ReBoot: Daemon Rising, animated MOW.  (Co-writer credit.)  Mainframe/YTV.


Red Pole Rising - 60-minute drama, CBC/The World Play.

Passings - 75-minute drama, BBC.

Oedipus Gunslinger - 50-minute drama, BBC.

Sacking - 40-minute drama, BBC.

The Baby - half-hour drama, CBC.

The Idler - one-hour drama, CBC.

Edwin Bartholomew's Last Hurrah - five-part drama serial, CBC.

A Glimpse of Eternity - half-hour drama, CBC.

The Hanging of Augie Peters - half-hour drama, CBC.

Philippe and I - half-hour drama, CBC.